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Follo Tunnel Breakthrough

Norway’s longest railway Tunnel, the Follo Line project, reached a milestone on 6 July 2016 at 4pm, when the breakthrough of tunnelling took place.


ROGFAST underwater tunnel in Norway

Safer and faster excavation due to seismic prediction


Building Norway’s longest railway tunnel with Swiss Quality

The Follo Line project is with 20 km not only Norway's longest railway tunnel to date but also the longest railway tunnel in the Nordic countries


Emergency Ventilation in Road Tunnels

A Key Component in the Safety Chain


Amberg Group / Amberg Loglay partners with Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One accelerates towards making Hyperloop a reality with new partnerships with global infrastructure giants


Successful Amberg Rail user conference held in Wuhan, China

More than 120 customers attended the rail surveying equipment user conference held on March 17-18, 2016.


Risk Analyses of Tunnels Using the Swiss Guideline

Risk Analyses of Tunnels Using the Swiss Guideline and Methodology for Risk Assessment and Risk Evaluation


Aerodynamic Characteristics

On the Aerodynamic Characteristics of Partly Open Galleries in Case of Fire


Ventilation and Safety of Long and Deep Tunnels

State of the Art and New Perspectives


Risk Management of Long and Deep Tunnels

The operational safety of long and very long rail tunnels represents a key issue in all development stages, including design, construction,...